What you need to know about tennis betting


Types of tennis bets

The popularity of tennis bets predictions among bettors is also due to the fact that sensational results here – far from being rare. The tennis world is constantly discussing the incredible sinking of the leaders or victories of dark horses, and the sensation – it is an opportunity to hit the “big score”.

The key types of tennis betting are:

  • The outcome of the game. The traditional and familiar P1 or P2 – a draw in tennis bets can not be a priori. Often it takes 3-4 hours to dispute the title of the winner.
  • Game or set totals. It is easier with sets. There are three sets maximum in women tournaments, and up to five games in some men’s tournaments. With games it is more complicated, so to predict the number more or less is possible for professional kappers that study statistics thoroughly. In addition to total totals, bets on individual totals are offered.
  • Goalies. If the difference in class between the opponents is tangible, the handicappers like to bet with plus or minus handicaps.
  • The exact score. In contrast to soccer and many other sports, guessing the exact score in tennis is easier, especially if the competition involves a maximum of three games (the number of variants comes down to four).
  • Passing bets. Popular for major tournaments – for example, stages of the Grand Slam. Bookmakers Parimatch take bets on which player will pass to the next round of the competition.

Major championships for betting on tennis

Tennis tournaments are diverse, and without getting involved in this world, it’s easy to get confused by the number and status of the competitions. Men’s tournaments are held under the auspices of the ATP, and women’s tournaments are held under the auspices of the WTA. There are also ITF ranked tournaments, but these are minor tournaments, which the leaders don’t look at, so the capers don’t even consider them.


The Grand Slam tournaments (there are four of them – French Roland Garros, British Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open) are considered the most suitable for betting Parimatch. Further status tournaments are men’s Masters and women’s Premier Mandatory, which give 1,000 rating points to the champion. The rest of the tournaments are usually held without the main stars, so usually ardent tennis fans who are well versed in the game bet.

Bets on matches involving national teams (Davis Cup and Fed Cup) are not recommended, because many players just go “to serve the number”, not showing their real level.

The best tennis betting strategies

As with any other sporting match, on tennis, the capers do not make random bets, but adhere to specific strategies.

Game betting strategies

Experts recommend using the strategy for experienced capsers – the methodology is a variation of the popular longines. In each game, the tennis players serve in turn – one game the serve is made by one player, then his opponent, etc. The strategy involves tennis betting that the server will win his serve, and it is necessary to choose a nominal outsider. In a pair should not be a huge difference in class. For example, if a representative of the second hundred ranking plays against Novak Djokovic, it is not worth using the strategy. The odds on the victory of the player on his own serve should be higher than 1.60. If the opponent makes a break, the trainer increases the bet, following a catch-up strategy.

Set betting strategy

The strategy is used for betting Parimatch in real time, and selected opponents of equal strength. Be sure to take into account the form of a tennis player, and not be guided solely by the position in the table. The strategy implies the following conditions:

  • The difference in the odds of the opponents does not exceed 0.60 before the meeting.
  • The first player wins during the first set, bookmakers Parimatch offer quotes in the range 1.15-1.20 for the overall victory. Capper bets on the opponent, the odds on which increase.
  • In the case of an even score in sets, the odds even out again, and the bettor bets on the second player, but from a different account. The result is that the player is in the black at all odds.

Strategy of betting on the favorite

This strategy requires a confrontation where the obvious favorite is opposed to an outsider. On the favorite bookmakers Parimatch offer quotations in the range of 1.45 – 1.65. Professional privateers often combine the chosen strategy with the popular long-play to stay in the black in the case of misfires all the same remain in the black.

Betting on the first point

The essence of the methodology – to predict, in whose asset will be written the first draw of the ball in the game. A handler studies the statistics of the serving and receiving players and, on the basis of the data, selects a player to bet on. The method can be combined with the strategy of catch-up on the server (risk) or stairs (min. risk).

Betting on express

Expresses can be formed on tennis matches, in which the quotes are multiplied and the amount of possible winnings increases dramatically. However, the bettor will need to perform an in-depth analysis of the opponents to be sure of two or more outcomes. Expresses can be formed within a single match – for example, bet on a player to win, then on a negative handicap and the total of games less.