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A lot of slot machine emulators and table gambling games are now available online, online casino PariMatch offers players entertainment for all tastes.

Moreover, PariMatch slot machines do not require downloading to your computer, and in addition to the website version for desktop computers, a mobile version is available. The only software that PariMatch offers to download is a plugin to bypass site blocking.

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Since the casino PariMatch website has many mirrors, in case the familiar address for the player is blocked, the plugin will automatically find an alternative from among the available ones. But the site has a “Download Casino” button. Why is it needed?

This feature is designed to install a special version of the software on your computer, allowing you to play offline. Its main advantage is the ability to play in the absence of Internet connection or its low speed, poor quality. True, the game for real money is not possible, only on the “funnies”, virtual loans.

But many visitors are generally limited to demo versions, so as not to risk money. And for others it’s a good opportunity to practice again, to try out any strategy. Another plus – there is no need to log in each time you log on to the PariMatch site. Using the function of remembering a password for sites where there are any transactions with money is not recommended, and every time you enter the username-password tedious. When downloading software to your computer, access to your personal account will be automatically activated when you start the game.

PariMatch casino provides its customers with additional bonuses for downloading the software, which is also quite beneficial. You can run the casino directly from your desktop if you place the advisory icon on it. This is more convenient than looking for the right bookmark in Favorites browser.

The PariMatch software is downloaded and unpacked from the archive, and then run the installation file. Periodically some updates allow the player to play new games that have appeared on the site. The installation procedure is quite fast, the program takes up little space, taking into account the amount of hard disk space of modern computers. So many players consider the duplication of online games to be justified.


Nowadays, it is possible to play poker, spin the roulette wheel, or pull the handle of a slot machine not only at the regular casino but also at the PariMatch online casino. For many, it is a very attractive opportunity to play their favorite gambling games over the Internet without leaving their home. The advantages of such a way of immersion in the world of gambling are obvious. Firstly, you do not need to look for suitable institutions, which we do not have so much. Secondly, there is no need to sit in a smoky room among strangers. Thirdly, you can visit the PariMatch virtual casino at any time of the day. All you have to do is sit down at your computer, open PariMatch Online Casino, choose a game and you’re good to go. Add to that a wide range of machines, classic and new, an introductory game mode ni virtual currency, bonuses, promotions, and so on.

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PariMatch-casino of the future

You can play at PariMatch not only through our website. Download the official client club on your computer and forget about blocking. The program has all the basic features of the full version of the casino. It has a similar range of slots, the ability to withdraw money, make deposits and participate in tournaments. You can also access the PariMatch site from your cell phone. Installation of mobile and desktop clients is done from the official PariMatch portal.